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Our vision

About Biocodex | USA


an independent subsidiary of the French pharmaceutical company, Biocodex

, we took root in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008, rapidly emerging as a robust commercial enterprise with ambitious plans for expansion. As a

niche pharma company

, our unique, specialized products focus on patient welfare. Our ethical sales and marketing practices continue to differentiate us from big pharma. Today, Biocodex | USA is poised to make significant contributions in the ever-changing healthcare industry.
Our vision

Biocodex Worldwide

Founded in 1953, our parent company Biocodex is headquartered in France along with its research and production facilities. Biocodex specializes in three therapeutic areas:

gastroenterology, neuropsychiatry, and pain

. A globally recognized and trusted pharmaceutical company, Biocodex employs over 800 people worldwide and maintains

commercial operations in more than 100 countries

. The Biocodex subsidiaries include Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Belgium, USA and Canada.